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Monday, January 2, 2012

Back to School-Back to Blog

So, vacation ends at my house tomorrow.
School begins again.
Back to the routine of mornings, laundry, chores and challenges.
And so, too, does the familiar routine I have set for this blog.

     Sundays....Caring Heart meditations
     Mondays... School Bell  [hints and helps for the challenges of school, homework, and learning]
     Tuesdays....Focus on Fostering  [ideas for the special needs of children living in care]
     Wednesdays.... Soapbox  [ramblings, musings, and opinions of mine and others]
     Thursdays... Parenting Tips [ideas for helping all parents with typical situations]
     Friday... Anything Can Happen  [as it says... humor, the unusual, random, whatevers]
     Saturday... Quick Takes  [quotes, recipes, reward ideas, book recommendations, etc.]

Happy New Year!

If you are new to Upbeats and Downbeats... browse around.  Invite a friend.

If you have a topic or question or situation you would like to see a hint for... let me know!

If you preferred the style of Decembers single topic idea let me know.  Otherwise I will continue the 7 day rotation of the last year or so.

Well. I've limbered up my fingers.

I'm ready to go.

Let's get to the tasks of another year...
                    but together!

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