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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Quick Takes: Kids List #101-110

This is the elevnth installment of "Kids List." My "Kids List" is things I wish all kids could get to experience before they are grown up and independent.   This month has a mix of small folk and bigger folk experiences. Use your grownup judgment to see what fits your child. [You can search for earlier installments by "Kids List" search or clicking on it in the topic list.] This month I am including some October traditions all kids can enjoy at some point in their lives.

Kids List #101-110 ..Fall Fun

101. Rake fallen leaves.

102. Spend 15 minutes jumping into and re-piling leaves.

103. Go on a fall hike, scuffing through leaves.
104. Bob for apples.

105. Watch a cider press make cider from apples.

106. Go on a hay ride.

107. Go apple picking

108. Hollow out a pumpkin and carve a face.

109. Make their own Halloween costume.

110. Go trick-or-treating or to a Halloween party.

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