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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Caring Heart: Family Reunion

All too often, foster and adoptive children are separated from siblings.  Sometimes, even when that must or does happen, reunions are possible. 

A happy family reunion

We did it!  We got them all together for a day today.  His brothers were all there, and his sisters, too.  Even the ones he hadn't seen in so long.  Sure, it was a little awkward at first, but after a bit they started comparing notes and sharing stories.  And, it's really interesting how much alike they all are.  Not just the way they look.  That's often true of siblings.  But their mannerisms are so similar it is eerie. They have been separated so completely, yet are still so similar.  Their hand gestures, they way they sit, and even the way they laugh. It was so wonderful to hear them all laugh. I took so many pictures today.  Who knows when being together can happen again.  Who knows how long today's memories will have to last these children.  But they had today. Thank you for today.  

Excerpted from "The Caring Heart Speaks: Meditations for foster, kinship, and adoptive parents" by Gail Underwood Parker   Artwork by Anna Parker David from the book cover.

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