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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Soapbox: Not our usual vacation

This week is school vacation for my gremlins.  Some of their friends are going to Disney World.  Some of their friends went to Washington D.C., or New York City.  Clearly all of their friends have parents who are way - way - cooler than me!  It would be easier to compete if the weather were warm and cooperative so that I could wow them with outdoor adventures close to home.  But it is cold and dank. The most exciting thing [to them!] that I have done for the week is to cancel their counseling appointments this week, even though we are going to be home. Our usual routine during vacation is to pick a home or yard project and jump into it full throttle, working to get it finished by the end of the week. The kids sleep in a bit, but only an hour or so to avoid getting their bodies out of the hard-won routine.


This week we are not.  Not what you may ask?  Just not.  Not making a to do list.  Not making a rise and shine deadline.  Not observing usual bedtimes.  Not following usual routines.  My three remaining gremlins are now 13,15, and 19 and hopefully more able to manage the lack of a routine than when they were younger.  [We will see.] One thing is sure.... they are tired of routines. Tired of patterns. Tired of lists. Truth be told, so am I.


Here is our experiment. We are just going to BE this vacation.  Our only goal is to get along without fighting and to do things that will give us joy without causing anyone else misery or pain. We are giving our selves a "time-out" in the sports sense, not the discipline sense. We are "vacating" the rules, routines, and lists. We are on vacation.             [except for the blog of course]

Wish us luck!

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