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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quick Takes: Kids List #61-70

This is the seventh installment of "Kids List." My "Kids List" is things I wish all kids could get to experience before they are grown up and independent.   

Kids List #61-70

61. Go through a car wash inside the car 
62. Write a poem 
63. Attend a Catholic mass 
64. Go “backstage” at a movie theater
65. Paint a picture with acrylic or oil paints  
66. See a live monkey in person 
67. Have or care for a fish for two weeks at least 
68. Hold a newborn animal 
69. See a meteor shower 
50. Write a fan letter and send it 

I try to do one Quick Takes entry each month with 10 more ideas from my Kids List. Hope you try some of these with your kiddos.  Search for "Kids List" to find #1-60 in earlier posts.

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