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Monday, May 21, 2012

School Bell: Paint Chips for Reading

Here is a cool, colorful idea for helping your child with early reading. If you are like me you have tons of old paint chip strips lying around in drawers from when you last dreamed of redoing that bedroom or den. Dig them out and convert them into a great learning tool.

Use complete strips and label them with beginning consonants or consonant blends or with common endings.  See the examples at the right of the photo below.

Now take the larger ones and cut out a window at the beginning [for initial sounds] or the end [for ending combinations] and write the base words as shown with the cards on the left in the photo above .

For more info and details on this idea check out this blog I found on line while exploring recently:  The Snail'sTrail   I made this link for the May 27, 2011 entry where she gives all the info for this reading idea. Check out more of her blog because she is FULL of great ideas!

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