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Friday, May 4, 2012

Anything Can Happen: Super Moon & Moon Games

The local news ran a story about this weekend's "Super Moon" caused when the moon is closest to the earth.  It made me remember some amazing, creative photos that I had seen a long time ago by a French photographer.  It took me quite a while [and made this post a bit late] but with the help of today's internettechnology, I finally found them. Photos of stars, of eclipses, of new moons, harvest moons, and more.

I love when someone's creativity and skill creates something wonderful as in full of wonder. Here are just a few of Laurent Laveder's stunning efforts.  When you can, visit the website with several photo galleries of his work.  Bookmark it.  Go back and visit it again and again.  Show your children.  Celebrate the creativity and imagination on Anything Can Happen Day of someone who thought "What would happen if...." and created such images! Maybe you too can learn to play with the stars and, this weekend, with a Super Moon!

Maybe a game of catch

Or  hula hoop?

Or perhaps you can catch the moon and balance it on your finger...

Or move it around for a better view.

Be inspired!  Anything Can Happen! !

Image credit, thanks and awe to Laurent Laveder

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